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[Bundle of 3] Loquat (川贝枇杷罗汉果)
Gigi (Tampines New Town, SG)

Refreshing and ideally a good relief for throat discomfort.

[Bundle of 3] Kumquat Lemon (金桔柠檬)
Sunny Tan (Tampines New Town, SG)

I love these delicious pastilles.

Very nice tea

[Bundle of 3] Grape Seed (葡萄籽)
Lian Lian (Singapore, SG)
Returning customer!

Love these gummies. Packaging is exquisite. Makes a great gift for colleagues. Most important, the gummies are not too sweet. Will continue to buy from!

Good Choice

The flavour is nice and not too sweet. Very soothing for throat. I eat it like a snack after meal. Good as a gift too. Now my family members and colleagues love it. I already bought more than 20 boxes. Good buy

[Bundle of 3] Tea Polyphenols (茶多酚)
Yvonne Huang (Singapore, SG)
Lovely colour

I like the looks of the colour, the chewiness and tge pepperminty taste.

[Bundle of 3] Kumquat Lemon (金桔柠檬)
Yvonne Huang (Singapore, SG)
Good chew

I like the texture of the chew cos of the freshness. The pepperminty lift adds zest to Kumquat Lemon.
However, don't really taste lemon or kumquat.

Loquat Candy

I have been taking this candy and found it to be very soothing for the throat especially if you are experiencing dryness as it provides immediate relief. Not the cheapest candy around but this offer for bundle of 3 is a steal! Very happy to have bought it online at a special discount.

[Bundle of 3] Kumquat Lemon (金桔柠檬)
LAU SHIN YI (Singapore, SG)

I very like this is my favourite... Not sweet and when you eat cannot stop it. I will buy again and share with my family and friends

Not so sweet and tasty. Its helped to smooth down my throat whenever I coughed.

Lovely gift for grandmom

My grandmom loves this!

Great stuff

My mom loves it, says it is not too sweet.


This is my favourite…
Not sweet and sticky.
I will buy it again

Not too sweet…
Like it very much
Will buy it again

Not too sweet and appeals to both young and old

Not sweet and it does not stick to the teeth.
Overall is a good product although will prefer that more can be thought for the environment and reduce per piece packaging format.

Yummy gummies!

Have purchased multiple times. Gummies are tasty and make great gifts for friends and colleagues.

very good

tasty! a good present for family

very good

tasty! a very good present for a friend!

Nice gummies

Returning customer here. I like that the gummies are not so sweet and contain traces of minty freshness

My favourite flavour!

This is my favourite flavour of all! Have purchased multiple times. 👍🏻

Yummy gummy!

Came back to buy this sour plum gummy again. It’s sweet, sour and salty at the same time. Can’t stop eating it. 😆

Delicious but on the expensive side

Was somewhat skeptical when reading the reviews as I’m fussy about the ‘preserved fruits’ I consume & only stick to specific brands/ types. And getting 6 packs at one-shot meant having to possibly throw away so many if the taste is not to my liking.
My kids & I were very pleasantly impressed with the subtle taste & unique texture. My spouse who dislikes such snacks agreed that it is tasty, though he would not spend this amount on ‘giam sng di’.
Definitely lives up to the reviews in terms of taste; price is on the higher end so it’s not something I would consume regularly or more often.
Maybe sell single packs so consumers won’t feel the pinch to spend almost $30 on 6 packs, & yet have discounted jumbo packs (instead of bundles) for those who want to bulk-buy for personal consumption?

Love the taste. Not too sweet but chewy. Just too little and small.

Yummy candy

Very nice and yummy! Can help smoothen throat! Repeated purchase :)


This flavour is very fragrant, good that all their gummy are not too sweet.