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      Ingredients: Natural Maltose, Fruit extracts and etc.

  • Are these suitable for diabetics?

    • Yes, as it is low in sugar, using natural malt. Do advise to eat in moderation.

  • Are these suitable for vegetarians?

    • Yes, no gelatin or animal contents used.

  • Are you halal-certified?

    • Sadly, we are not, however we are in the midst of planning.

  • Can children eat these?

    • Yes, as long as they can chew. Do take note there is a mint taste.

  • How many can we eat per day? Is there a limit?

    • For an average person, there is no limit, we suggest not to eat more than one can a day, eat in moderation.

    • For diabetics, suggest not to take more than 5-6 pieces a day. 

  • Why is the outer layer not sweet?

    • It is not coated with sugar nor mouldy. The outer layer coating is rice flour which prevents the candies from sticking.

  • Do I have to refrigerate it?

    • No, as refrigeration may create moisture. Avoid direct sunlight and warm temperature.

  • People who have medication condition, are they able to eat this?

    • Yes, as this is not a medicine. Please consult physician if you are pregnant or nursing, taking medication.