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Cha Premium Tea - Roselle Hawthorn (15 Tea Sachets)

Cha Premium Tea - Roselle Hawthorn (15 Tea Sachets)

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• Cha Premium Tea - Roselle Hawthorn

Roselle, Hawthorn (15 Sachets, 45g)

Our Roselle Flower and Hawthorn Berries Tea is a delicious and unique blend that combines the tart and tangy flavors of roselle flowers with the sweet and slightly tart taste of hawthorn berries. 


Our Roselle Flower and Hawthorn Berries Tea is made with only the highest quality organic ingredients, ensuring that you get the purest and most natural tea possible. It has a refreshing and tangy flavor that can be enjoyed hot or iced, making it the perfect beverage for any time of the day.

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Customer Reviews

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Anna Thng
Nice quality tea

I tried two variations of Wuyi Mountain Black Tea offered by Cha Premium Tea, the Golden Brow and the Roselle Hawthorn.

The Golden Brow had a bold aroma and smooth, well-balanced flavor with notes of malt and a hint of sweetness. The addition of goji berries complemented the natural flavors of the black tea.

The Roselle Hawthorn had a tart and slightly sour flavor with a pleasant floral undertone from the roselle flowers, and hawthorn berries added a touch of sweetness to balance out the tartness.

Both teas come in convenient sachets and are of high quality. I recommend trying them if you're a fan of black tea or want to try something new.

Amazing Tea

Love the tea. It’s very refreshing and keeps me awake in the hot weather. Colour of the tea is nice too. It has good health benefits too.

Fragrant tea

Love the smell of hawthorn and the taste of rosella is sweet and tangy.

Nice flower tea!

Their tea smell very nice and refreshing! Tastes good with their flower tea! Perfect to enjoy some tea break anytime whenever you need a break.

Nice tea!

Smooth and slightly sour taste which can lighten the sweet taste of the cake. Love it🍵